Prom: Every girl dream’s of this night and obsesses about what she has to wear

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July 18, 2013
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Prom: Every girl dream’s of this night and obsesses about what she has to wear

Prom 2
“Which dress should I wear for prom?” “What shoes will look stylish and be comfortable at the same time?”

I know for a fact that I chose a pair of shoes that fit the first category but not the second. At the end of the night, I had two large cuts on the back of my feet. Well, at least I got compliments on them – and my mom always did say that I had to suffer to look beautiful.

Understanding prom obsession

At first, I’ll have to admit I did not see why everyone made such a big fuss about prom. Sure, I tried my best to look beautiful, spent four hours getting ready, and searched for prom shoes on the internet during math class, but I didn’t obsess about it the way some girls do. On prom night, when I stepped outside my dorm and joined my friends in taking about a hundred photos, I began to understand all the drama. I looked around at all the beautiful young women around me, women in their prime: eighteen years old.

Prom1Prom was a night where I saw my friends and classmates looking as beautiful as they perhaps will ever be. I noticed people all around smiling and laughing, confidence and happiness exuberating from them.

Looking around, I saw flowing gowns in stark white, ocean blue, and coral red. A girl wore a heavy, ornate necklace around her neck: The only accessory she wore. It looked just right –  anything more would have been just that ‘MORE’.

Our prom theme was The Great Gatsby (for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, by the way: You have to see it! Especially if you love fashion). The glittery necklaces, bangles, and rhinestone covered prom shoes brought out the theme in its full glory.

My mom recently told me the importance of being confident and positive – something we definitely try to incorporate in our ayesha accessories designs. If you can be those two things, you will shine – and a lot that the world offers will be at your feet.

Ayesha Kapur
aim for the stars

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